Room divider Opposite Screen

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The room divider Opposite screen came about after carefully considering a way to utilise the dyed poly-carbonate off-cuts from the Eyoi Yoi and Xploff lights. This gives the Opposite Screen the same collaborative quality and choice of colours as the Eyoi Yoi and Xploff lights, as the colour ways can be chosen by you, and are made to order at the Marc Pascal studio. A subtle symmetry runs throughout the screen, with a design sensibility that contrast, harmonise with, and enhances the customers colour choices.  In each opening- four sheets of poly-carbonate are sandwiched between two laminated bamboo modules, these gives myriads of colour options.
Five panels make up the screen which are connected with leather hinges enabling a variety of configurations such as concertina or curved.

The translucent poly-carbonate is arranged in a subtle symmetry that is reflected and mirrored creating a sense of order.

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1888 mm W x 1892 mm H


laminated Bamboo, poly-carbonate hand dyed skeletons, leather