About Marc Pascal

Contemporary and modern lighting and objects by Marc Pascal. Objects to empower your space.

Marc Pascal’s design practice is driven by his passion to empower spaces using light and colour. Marc draws his inspiration from the intelligence and beauty of forms observed in nature. Over the past two decades Marc’s work has encompassed lighting, ceramics, furniture objects, and larger installations. The boldness and freedom of Marc’s work very much reflects his nature, his objects are designed to bring an intimacy and a dynamic energy to the spaces they inhabit.

Marc encourages a collaborative process between the client and his studio, one of the key strengths of his lighting is the modular colouring system he employs where each and every light is “made to order” to the client’s colour preferences.

Informed by his education in Fine Art, and Industrial Design, Marc manipulates materials and light as a means of evoking unique spacial experiences, he believes each piece should empower the spaces they inhabit.

Marc’s favourite part of the design process is the sensual experience of creating form, he strives to make every surface of the object vibrate in harmony. The precision and detailing in Marc’s work is driven by his commitment to producing high quality original products, he strives to reach a deep level of completion in each product he works on.

Marc Pascal has achieved a measure of longevity with his distinctive and unique designs, his vibrant, joyous and dynamic kinetic light fittings are exhibited and sold internationally, with appearances in the design fairs of Melbourne, Tokyo, Milan, Singapore, Dubai and Seoul.

Extract from catalogue essay for exhibition “objects for dynamic living” by Kay Palmer,
at Craft Victoria 1998:

“Delight is the key word in describing anything to do with Pascal’s practice. There is the delight he experiences in his own creativity and the realisation of his ideas. This is not unmixed with the usual frustrations of creation and manufacture, but such concerns fade when he starts to speak of his work. His speaking is never merely in words, but overflows in to sound effect and gesture and an irresistible urge to touch the objects. It is from this delight and openness that his ability to experiment with form, materials and techniques springs. And it is in this delight, infusing his work and communicating to the viewer, that the distillation of all the aspects of his originality lies. For Marc Pascal’s useful, practical domestic object perform that most difficult of artistic statements: they depict and engender happiness in a way that is complex and profound.”

Kay Palmer – Writer/curator