The Leafy Sea Dragon horizontal pendant light takes its inspiration from the mysterious and poetic creature found in the Southern waters of Australia.  It is a simple and organic form with a sensual smooth finish. Fourteen lit arms extend from the main body.

Four years in development and technically complicated, the Leafy Sea Dragon horizontal pendant light introduces the beginning of a new series of lights from Melbourne designer Marc Pascal.

Each pendant is hand made to order in a variety of soft satin pigmented colours.

The main body with its electrics are cast in a rotating mould.  The translucent rubber nodes are inserted into the main body making a smooth transition.

Dynamic or subtle compositions become available by adjusting each suspension wire altering the angle of the light.

The Leafy Sea Dragon is dimmable & weatherproof.


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1105 mm L x 430 mm W x 430 mm H


Optically clear cast rubber, rotationally moulded Forton.

Light specifications

G9 2.5W x 14 LED globes warm white dimmable