Xploff Pendant light LED 400mm

The Xploff pendant light LED 400mm is made to order in any colour combination, or minimal white.

Inspired by the big bang theory – elliptical discs slowly moving outwards into infinity.

The central hub supports the many stainless steel wires that hold the different sized elliptical discs poised and arranged in a spherical form.  Six LED globes  are arrayed around this central hub behind the elliptical discs.

A library of colours in myriad of hues house the multiple elliptical discs of poly carbonate. The poly carbonate in three finishes: opal, frost, and transparent gloss.

A single stainless steel wire suspends the Xploff pendant light LED 400mm, allowing it to rotate gently with any air movement.  Perfect for small rooms and hallways.

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400 mm Ø x 300 mm H


Poly-carbonate, stainless steel, rubber, copper

Light specifications

G4 2W x 6 LED globes warm white