The Eyoi Yoi pendant 900mm ES  is made to order in any colour combinations you desire.

The central ring supports the many stainless steel wires that hold the different sized butterfly shapes poised and arranged in an ethereal cloud form.  A single Edison Screw (ES) globe illuminates the shade.

The Eyoi Yoi  takes its inspiration from butterflies – and falling leaves; that special moment when autumn leaves fill the sky with tumbling leaves wafting to the ground.

Each and every light we make is collaboration between Marc Pascal studio and our client. Our approach to colour is “Less is more” therefore, as a rule of thumb each light is approximately 33% in any colours you desire, the balance of white lets the colour breathe. We like to arrange the colours in little communities of hues that relate to each other.

A library of colours in myriad of hues house the butterfly shapes. The poly-carbonate in three finishes: opal, frost, and transparent gloss. We also create another version of the butterfly – variegated where the colours merge together.  Please let us know if you would like that option.

Cleaning the light is simple:  remove the shade from the electrics and agitate in warm soapy water or shower, and drip dry.

This concept was originally designed in 2006

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900 mm Ø x 500 mm H


Poly-carbonate, stainless steel, rubber, Forton, aluminium

Light specifications

ES globe – Maximum 75W Halogen