Flamboyant and exuberant . The Feather Baroque pendant light small is an eccentric expression of flamboyance, freedom and balance. Part sculpture and part functional light, the Feather Baroque makes its presence known in any space whether illuminated or not,  creating it’s own unique profile of light and shadow.

Each Feather Baroque pendant light small is made to order in collaboration with the clients colour specifications.

The constantly evolving colour library of orchid flowers guides colour choices; each light is unique.  The addition of colour selected ostrich feathers adds an exuberance and an element of surprise.

A single stainless steel wire suspends the central rubber hub. Every component is counter poised to balance perfectly, any air movement in the room will enable the light to rotate gently.

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800 mm L x 550 mm W x 450 mm H


Poly-carbonate, stainless steel, rubber, copper

Light specifications

G4 2W x 7 LED globes warm white